Semifreddo al pistacchio


WHAT: Pistachio semifreddo-cake and pistachio Savoia-cake from Vintage Café

WHY: During my short trip in Sicily I learnt one important thing about Sicilian culture: you cannot refuse the food they offer you. You may reject a flirting,  an invitation for a party or a cinema, but when it comes with food, no refusal is allowed.

I was with this Sicilian guy, half holiday, half work; he brought me around lost small villages for a couple of days. On Saturday, at lunch time, we were driving trough this tiny town, Serradifalco. From the outside road we could see the entire perimeter of it and the little lake in front of. The sun was hot, we were hungry. After half an hour spent looking for a restaurant or a trattoria we understood that for lunch, on Saturday, people eat at home. Just when we were about to give up a bar appeared, a bar! I just wanted to have a piece of focaccia and then I would have had a mini dessert. No way! After pizza and focaccia and potatoes, here comes dessert’s time. In the beginning I tried to limit the thing, but from his eyes I understood it was not possible. So, although I was not not hungry anymore, I sacrificed myself with this fine looking pistachio semifreddo-cake. That was a masterpiece made of many layers > bland pistachio and hazelnut nutella on top, almond croccante all around, a base of nougat ice-cream and a core of pistachio ice-cream. With a crunchy surprise of crispy chocolate in the middle. Each ingredient in the right measure, position and shape. Without the crunchy part you couldn’t keep on eating, so I did. But this was not the end. A pistachio Savoia-cake arrived > The original version is a chocolate one, the legend says the recipe was invented in honour of a visit to Sicily of the Italian royal Savoia Family,150 years ago. You can find this cake only in Sicily and just in some areas. The pistachio version is a good idea, I love pistachio, but the pistachio nutella inside was too much and too sweet; there has to be less space between a layer of dry thin sponge and another. The white chocolate cover was perfect, but I expected more pistachio flavor. I was lucky he agreed to share it. But he was not happy yet, so he ordered a sweet panzerotto filled with ricotta. At this point I couldn’t even try it and I had to break the rule. My refusal was very regretful ‘cause he reproached it all the way back to the B&B. But he didn’t say a word about the night before when I evidently skipped a kiss and I closed the door of my room on his face. The food is a real important matter there!

WHERE: Serradifalco

WHO: me.


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